Italian Primitivo

We had a good Primitivo with dinner tonight–2003 A Mano Primitivo Reserve, 14% alc./vol., good value at $15.95. Basically a dark-cherry-based nose with some kind of earthy-spicy-iodiney (?) thing going to keep it interesting. Dry, medium-full body, a bit of a acid and tannin, decent balance and finish. Very versatile, you could drink it oncontinue reading

Pass the pistachios

Here’s a link to a fun table of all the American Food Holidays during the year. Some dates for the calendar: Drink Wine Day (February 18) National Chocolate Eclair Day (June 22) Cook Something Bold And Pungent Day (November 9) However, I’m willing to bet that no one’s birthday sucks as much as mine. Unless,continue reading

More like Regent Park, this year

After giving the $7 Farnese a nice write up, er, maybe yesterday, now we have to take it all back. That was 2004, this is 2005. Green and vegetal, no fruit to speak of. Yech. The Citra Sangiovese currently in the stores, about the same price, is much better. Assuming they haven’t changed the vintage,continue reading

Good Chianti

This is from a Vintages release last fall; there are still a few left at Manulife, Queens Quay, and Atrium. Colognole Chianti Rufina 2003, 13.5%, $16.95: This is the wine that really revealed to us why we could get to like Chianti , and a good bargain to boot. It’s an elegant wine not acontinue reading


Being wine geeks as well as law geeks, we often take notes when we open a bottle of wine. Two good bottles that won’t require that you mortgage the house: Farnese ‘Casale Vecchio’ 2005. DOC Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, 13%, $12.95. A ripe full red that has some of that smoky spicy dark fruit character of a goodcontinue reading