Introducing the CrustaStun (it’s humane) and then it is shucked by pressure: And there’s none of the waste, shrinkage, and mortality loss (you meaning killing?) that come with using live lobsters.

Kicking off Thoughtless Headline Week

Some slow to comply with bottle deposit program  A day after the province launched its new LCBO bottle recycling program, it appears some homeowners are slow to adjust to the initiative.  Hmmm… one day… slow to adjust? These aren’t even bottles that a deposit has been paid on, unless these households have a verycontinue reading

Happy, Summer-y, but $16?

Vintages was really pushing this wine last summer–Willm Reserve Riesling 2004, AOC Alsace, 12% at $15.95. We uncorked it to serve with a homemade Korean Jap Chae noodle dish (which worked out very well, better than it usually does when we try to cook Asian noodles). It ‘s a happy summer-y wine, honey-citrus-mineral on thecontinue reading

Say it ain’t so

Consumer Reports has done the study and found that McDonald’s coffee is cheaper (shocking, I know) and tastes better than Starbucks’: “We compared the rivals with Starbucks, all in basic black — no flavors, milk, or sugar — and you know what? McDonald’s beat the rest,” Consumer Reports said in its March issue.

A little knowledge…

Spouse Paul drew this article by Michael Pollan in the New York Times to my attention yesterday: It’s a very lengthy, though well-written, essay on food, food labeling, nutrition, and the growing difficulty the average consumer has in wading through the trappings of “nutritionism” in search of a healthy diet. I like his bottomcontinue reading

I don’t mind sorting, but…

…this is a real PITA. I count myself as one of the more anal-retentively environmentally friendly person I know. I derive secret pleasure from sorting my recyclables. I use flushable cat litter. I reuse paper towels and plastic wrap whenever I can. And I don’t mind returning empty bottles for recycling, deposit or no deposit.continue reading