Re the link to the new beekeeping site: You might find this interesting — David Yassky, an up-and-coming Brooklyn city councillor, has taken up the crusade to legalize urban beekeeping.  Apparently there are quite a few underground (or more precisely rooftop) apiculturists operating in the shadows of the city.  Two links below — the secondcontinue reading

It was Glaukos who spoke first, dude…

Here’s an entertaining and very weird website, with a whole new take on the Iliad. I ran across it in a review, in New York Magazine, of a book called Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks From the Wild Web, by one Sarah Boxer (review also linked below).

Well, that’ll piss off the generals

Prime Minister Moves to Grant Honourary Canadian Citizenship to Leader of Democracy Movement in Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi Interesting move. I approve (since I’m sure Stephen Harper’s decision-making hinges on my approval…). Note the language, too: in news articles and press releases including this one, I’ve noticed an almost total switch from “Myanmar (alsocontinue reading

Oh dear

Headline in my RSS this morning: Canada’s New Government Increases it’s Commitment to Enhancing Girl’s Education in Afghanistan

Me! Me! It’s all about me!

Summary: Blowhard hack indirectly kills decent kid; hack wonders if he should feel conflicted about this, but settles for navel-gazing. Full story here. Hitchens seems to sense that the appropriate response involves a) some level of genuine humility, as opposed to a pose du jour that involves faking humility, and b) a true focus oncontinue reading

Totally Toronto (2)

It’s an easy target, but: The Current on Friday morning had a long segment on roundabouts, hooked to Case Ootes’s proposal that Toronto should have some. There aren’t any at the moment. The main interview was with the City of Toronto’s transportation manager, who discussed them intelligently enough from theory – he’s not responsible forcontinue reading

Cheese, Gromit!

The BBC says: Trouble at’ Mill is a murder mystery that sees Wallace and Gromit running a bakery business – with their house converted into a granary with ovens and robotic kneading arms. Some details on (where else), which is a thoroughly silly and entertaining site.