Cary Tennis

… reminded me again today why the best approach to his columns is to read the letter, then the comments, and ignore his response: A very good friend of mine has apparently not invited me to her daughter’s wedding. We have been very close friends for over 10 years, and friendly for nearly 20. Icontinue reading

New model army

The front of the Star’s fashion section this morning has a feature pointing out that while fashion models are for the most part unhealthily thin, they’re also more or less uniformly white: PARIS–Skinny models are still dominating the runways of Europe, despite a furor in the media. But with all this attention on who iscontinue reading

Parlez-vous canadien?

A little cross-Canada phrasebook My favourite is “eltswhere” for “elsewhere”. If someone were to ask me whether I pronounced it with a t, I probably would have denied it, but actually, it feels natural in the mouth. How do you say it?

This winter thing

… is getting old. The greatest impacts with this storm are expected to be any type of travel..Due to icing as well as poor road conditions from dense snow and ice pellets compounded with freezing rain. Freezing rain amounts of 5 to 10 mm are likely in some areas. Strong easterly winds of 40 tocontinue reading

Sometimes, -15 is just -15

I’ve always hated the “wind chill” temperatures that are tossed around, almost as much as their humidex counterparts. They render meaningless actual temperature readings: sure, it feels different to be in a humid client vs. a dry climate, and yes, wind make a difference to how you experience any given temperature. But so do thecontinue reading


The Winnipeg skyline, seen from the city’s Arlington St. bridge, is shrouded in steam at sunrise yesterday as southern Manitoba awoke to a second straight day of extreme cold. Temperatures plummeted to record lows earlier this week in six communities – including -40.6C in Gimli and -41.9C in Fisher Branch – and Winnipeg endured itscontinue reading

Broiling in Cupertino

Wow, it has been so cold here this winter (10 C) but today, it hit 20! The plums are blooming. I was going to compose a dis’ haiku but thought that that would be cruel.

In search of a new simile

“Pure” and “driven snow” don’t always go hand in hand: Smelly, multicoloured snow falls over Siberia Updated Fri. Feb. 2 2007 9:03 AM ET Associated Press MOSCOW — Russian emergency workers have flown to a Siberian region where smelly and multicoloured snow fell earlier this week covering about 100 square kilometres, officials said Friday. Thecontinue reading