Did I mention –

– that that gardenimport.com is one of the few plant retailers that gets e-commerce? I think I have. My credit card bill certainly shows it. They’ve waited until the first really bitterly cold winter day to launch their spring product list – dangerous, dangerous people.

Words –

– cannot express my admiration: Sloth wins 3-year battle with German scientists At long last, zoologists give up trying to bribe animal to move January 24, 2007 Associated Press JENA, Germany – To thine own sloth, be true. For three years, scientists at the University of Jena tried to persuade Mats the sloth to co-operatecontinue reading

Oh boy, satellite colonoscopy feed!

From my newsfeed inbox this morning: Transmitted by CNW Group on : January 23, 2007 09:00 Video B-Roll Via Satellite – McGuinty Government to Make Important Investment in Cancer Screening TORONTO, Jan. 23 /CNW/ – The following B-Roll is available at the listed times and co-ordinates: Live Satellite Coordinates: DATE OF FEED: Tuesday, January 23,continue reading

Driven to Quit

Driven to Quit, for the uninitiated, is a provincial contest for which the prize if you quit smoking is that you get to enter a draw for a car and some TVs. It’s always struck me as all wrong, so I blogged it as politely as I could manage for work. Comments here or therecontinue reading

Soon-to-be invisible blogger

Blizzard Entertainment is releasing their first expansion to World of Warcraft, titled The Burning Crusade… well, later tonight. Been nice knowing you!