The infantilization of childhood

On the radio the other day, a CBC host gamely ad-libbed in an interview about the catastrophe in Japan, asking the interviewee’s children, in Japan, were coping: “What about the seven-year-old? At seven, children are aware of some things.” “Some things?” A seven-year-old is hardly just learning to focus his or her eyes. At seven,continue reading

Wine from… Montenegro? China? Bosnia?

Our latest Wine Tidings magazine has a long and highly entertaining piece on LCBO wines from less-expected locales, and has accompanied it with some highly entertaining reviews. The article is unfortunately not online, but here’s an excerpt: 86: Monte Cheval Vranac 2007Montenegro, $8.35This is an unapologetically rough red that puts the rust back in rustic.continue reading

Timely wine advice

Usually we taste a wine, take notes, and then two months later, when there are no bottles left anywhere close to anyone, we post about it here on Mock. (Well, you get what you pay for…) Here’s a wine that was released just yesterday, and should be readily available pretty much everywhere: Trimbach Pinot Griscontinue reading