Today’s has me totally stumped. It’s a signalled intersection on a fairly wide street, with some sort of dead end or curve the better part of a mile away.

England expects; or, I cannot answer that question, sir.

I’m trying to get inside Leading Seaman Turney’s head. (Sordid details here.) “Obviously we trespassed into their waters,” British sailor Faye Turney said on the video broadcast by Al-Alam, an Arabic-language, Iranian state-run television station that is carried across the Middle East. “They were very friendly and very hospitable, very thoughtful, nice people. They explainedcontinue reading


I’m not sure I believe a word of this, but it’s a great story. Toronto Star, February 27, 1911.

King streetcar plan

So what do we think of this? Diagram is here (.pdf). I’ve found myself using the King car quite a lot, and it really needs some help getting through downtown. You’d think that 45,000 bums on seats every day buys a certain amount of moral leverage. When it moves well, it’s an excellent system, butcontinue reading

I’m still a bad person …

… I look at a story like this and think $11.70? What a deal! Vancouver artist Mike Svob*’s latest acrylic painting, East Side Snowfall, can be purchased from a Whistler gallery for $1,970. Or you can spend five minutes on the Web and buy a knock-off for $11.70 (U.S.) from the appropriately named, thecontinue reading

Name that intersection

This seems to be a regular feature on guessing an intersection from an early 20th-C photo. The best ones are challenging, but have enough clues to solve the mystery. Older ones here and here. They have a better setup this time around, in which you can’t see other people’s responses until the comments expire.continue reading

Cary Tennis

… reminded me again today why the best approach to his columns is to read the letter, then the comments, and ignore his response: A very good friend of mine has apparently not invited me to her daughter’s wedding. We have been very close friends for over 10 years, and friendly for nearly 20. Icontinue reading

New model army

The front of the Star’s fashion section this morning has a feature pointing out that while fashion models are for the most part unhealthily thin, they’re also more or less uniformly white: PARIS–Skinny models are still dominating the runways of Europe, despite a furor in the media. But with all this attention on who iscontinue reading

This winter thing

… is getting old. The greatest impacts with this storm are expected to be any type of travel..Due to icing as well as poor road conditions from dense snow and ice pellets compounded with freezing rain. Freezing rain amounts of 5 to 10 mm are likely in some areas. Strong easterly winds of 40 tocontinue reading

The fall of old cinemas, part 2

The Danforth Music Hall has a huge banner out front promoting a Christmas pantomime beginning in December, 2007. Seriously. I thought it was left over from this past Christmas, until I looked more closely. Starting the Christmas kitsch season at Hallowe’en is bad enough, but this is ridiculous. Can’t they wait until March?