Testy of the Danforth

We missed Taste of the Danforth, except for the first night, when we got to enjoy the all-night whooping afterparty in Withrow Park. (1) Needed. 2) More. 3) Cops.) We went camping after that, not at all coincidentally. But Val Dodge went, and wrote a satisfying rant for Torontoist: So the question remains, why docontinue reading

After they’ve seen Paree

One of the heaviest advertisers on Facebook – one of the only advertisers, as far as I can tell – is classmates.com, a site which Facebook seems to have made obsolete by replacing a pay service with a more or less equivalent free one. Who are the Facebook customers which classmates.com thinks it will attract?continue reading

‘10-4, one elephant northbound’

Two elephants wandered away from a circus in Newmarket early this morning, and were returned in due course with no harm done except to someone’s shrubbery, which was nibbled. The audio is very funny: 911 call (.mp3) Police scanners (.mp3)

Poor Ed

No sooner has he cooled than the speculation about the Honest Ed’s site begins. I lived a few blocks away from the store 15 years ago or so, and it didn’t seem like a place that was raking in the cash even then. There was probably a point in the past, maybe about the timecontinue reading

Call me narsty and suspicious

From the City’s FAQ about the garbage bin plan: The smallest cart (75 litres) will cost less than $209 per year, which is the current cost of providing solid waste management services to the average residential house. All houses in the city will receive a rebate of $209 per year so those opting for thecontinue reading

Well, this is neat –

My Maps app for Google Maps. Lines, map points, embedded images, shapes – it’s all there, and couldn’t be easier. Back in the day, a year and a half ago or so, you actually had to know a certain amount about Java to do this sort of thing, or at least be willing to gocontinue reading

Anglican fudge, so filling and nutritious

Absolutely nobody seems to know what this will mean in practice: Same-sex blessings not in conflict with core doctrine Winnipeg, June 24, 2007 — Members of the Anglican Church of Canada’s General Synod in Winnipeg agreed Sunday that the blessing of same-sex unions is not in conflict with the church’s core doctrine, in the sensecontinue reading

Better ways?

So apparently every bright idea about transit anybody has had in Central Ontario for the last 50 years is now public policy, from running GO trains on the midtown CPR tracks to an LRT down Pape (or is it Greenwood?) to reviving the Radial Line in Hamilton, for a total of 52 proposals. Contingent oncontinue reading

Holy Martha!

Only just caught up with this one. On the down side, it would suck. On the up side, the out-of-court settlement would send you to Martinique for quite a while. (Garçon!)