I was thinking of getting a new computer before Christmas, but my union sent out a prepare-for-battle memo warning us to postpone major purchases, which on reflection seemed like a good idea. Now that I know that I’m getting paid next Thursday, and not by the Communication, Energy and Paperworkers at the union office,  thatcontinue reading

Streetcars, redux

The Queen’s Quay East streetcar plan, discussed earlier is taking shape, at least the north-south link toward Queen’s Quay (link; link). Hopefully it’s completed fairly promptly (I know, I know) – the Cherry St. streetcar loop by itself is just silly. I assume, though this isn’t directly stated, that this will be a version ofcontinue reading

Me! Me! It’s all about me!

Summary: Blowhard hack indirectly kills decent kid; hack wonders if he should feel conflicted about this, but settles for navel-gazing. Full story here. Hitchens seems to sense that the appropriate response involves a) some level of genuine humility, as opposed to a pose du jour that involves faking humility, and b) a true focus oncontinue reading

Totally Toronto (2)

It’s an easy target, but: The Current on Friday morning had a long segment on roundabouts, hooked to Case Ootes’s proposal that Toronto should have some. There aren’t any at the moment. The main interview was with the City of Toronto’s transportation manager, who discussed them intelligently enough from theory – he’s not responsible forcontinue reading

Oh, come on, people –

Wikipedia: Starting with the execution of John Boyd in January 1908, [[hanging]]s at the Don took place in an indoor chamber, which was a converted washroom, at the northeast corner of the old building. Previously, condemned men had been hanged on an outdoor scaffold in the jail yard. The Globe: 1908 John Boyd is thecontinue reading


While I’m still on my Hamilton kick (‘It’s 905!’/’But so authentic!’), I’m embarrassed to say that I missed this entirely: MEC’s planned Burlington store, which I’m sure there’s a good business case for, is supposed to be a model of environmental design … “Sustainability is a driving force at MEC, and the Burlington store willcontinue reading

Totally Toronto

– is CBC Radio 1’s slogan at the moment, unless they’ve taken it off the air out of embarrassment – it’s hard to miss. One the one hand, this is just truth in advertising – CBC Toronto, which serves all of south-central Ontario, at least in principle, has always been indifferent to the large partscontinue reading

The whole beast

I went to the brand-new Cherry St. T&T’s today. It does seem like it should have a place in our grocery routine, though I’m still working out what it would be. TMQ and I cook from a set of ideas that are mostly English and Italian, while T&T as far as I can tell iscontinue reading