A week or so ago Joanne Kates favourably reviewed Imperia, a new Italian restaurant close to our place, so we decided to give them a try for my birthday. I think it’s fair to say we weren’t as bowled over as Joanne but nevertheless they seem to have a good product at a decent price.continue reading


…is crashing on me roughly every other day. Is this consistent with others’ experience, or am I just a bad Mozilla owner? (I don’t think I’m trying to do anything especially crash-inducing)

Via Oliveto

… has closed. I remember the last time we went there was after their big makeover. The place looked nice but the food seemed to have slipped a notch or two, and we didn’t go back. In other news, it looks like the City is installing traffic lights at Bloor and Walmer. Which brings ancontinue reading

Two modern operas

It’s been almost a month since we saw Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth and Poulenc’s Dialogues des Carmelites (in Chicago) in the same week. Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District is an early-ish work by Shostakovich, the cause of his first denunciation by Stalin and so one of the last works he composed without any consciousness of thecontinue reading