A gigantic state-funded iPod

We tuned in for the last day of old CBC evening programming last night–we tend to have “Music for a while” on over dinner most evenings and J. is a huge “After Hours” fan. “In Performance” had its last show on Thurs. but we left the Friday version on mainly out of inertia (it’s acontinue reading

All good things come to an end

CBC Radio 2 is radically revamping their evening and night schedule starting next Monday. The thrust seems to be in the direction of projecting a more populist-middlebow, soft-nationalist image for the evening lineup, consistent with a trend that started many years ago (in 1985(!), according to the web site) with Jurgen Gothe’s Disc Drive ascontinue reading

Finch, Eglinton LRTs in the works

The TTC is apparently about to announce a light rail plan for Finch and Eglinton Avenues. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. I am still not really convinced, based on the Spadina LRT experience, that LRTs as currently conceived are going to be a major improvement on ordinary bus andcontinue reading

Impractical wine advice

Lailey Vineyard is one of these newish premium small Ontario VQA wineries, that typically make small batches of wine that never make it into the LCBO, and fetch a premium price-wise as well. We’ve bought and uncorked a few bottles from them and have often been a bit ambivalent about the product–not always competitive atcontinue reading

Did I miss a referendum?

Osgoode is hosting the annual “Public Interest Day” which is sort of a conference and career fair for people with an interest in government and public interest law. According to their web site: “Current students from Canadian Law Schools and McGill are all welcome.”

Subways redux

The Star reports that the TTC has the go-ahead for the Spadina Line extension. Here is the preferred alignment. Those of you who have been up in that neck of the woods, does it seem to make sense, or are we just making a larger white elephant?


WordPress hacked. I don’t know what version we’re running, but judging from the dates, it probably doesn’t affect us.

Aboriginal for “bring a warm coat”

Had a great time in Chicago with M. and R. despite the decidedly wintery weather. J. intelligently brought her down-filled coat; I should have done the same. With due respect to Dalton48, 0 degrees with high winds is *not* the same as 0 degrees without. Interestingly, “Chicago” is an aboriginal word meaning something roughly likecontinue reading