Wine update

Farnese and Citra have both released the 2006 vintages of their inexpensive $7-and-change Sangiovese wines. We didn’t take notes on either of them (not that kind of wine…) but they both actually strike me as kind of similar: ripe, good fruit, noticeable body, both great value for money. I am not sure whether it iscontinue reading

Better without Zucker

One of the first things we did in setting up our calendar for Ottawa to get season’s tickets for the National Arts Centre Orchestra. I used to go with my Mom ages and ages ago when I was in high school, and my parents now share two tickets with another couple down the street (usuallycontinue reading


Our first attempts at foodie-oenophileness in Ottawa were not auspicious. A kinda boring Italian wine with a middling pizza, a non-VQA Ontario Merlot that I accidentally bought with a downright bad pizza, and then, worst of all, a highly-rated Austrialian Bordeaux Blend (Parker 89 etc.) that we travelled all over to Ottawa to find andcontinue reading

Lawgeeks in Ottawa

We are safely moved into Ottawa, a pleasant 600 sq. ft. in a nice neighborhood. Air conditioning would be very nice about now though. We have most of our pictures on the wall and Sympatico has vouchsafed us an Internet connection so it is starting to feel like home. Work started last Tuesday, met mycontinue reading

15 minutes of fame, sort of

Sassafraz is planning to reopen in time for the TIFF, and in preparation they are posting on the hoardings and on their website comments from blogosphere circa the time of their fire. Was surprised to walk by the site and find myself quoted (yes it’s from the law-related one).

Happy Birthday Canada

The original version of the poem that became the English Oh Canada, from the government’s website: O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love thou dost in us command. We see thee rising fair, dear land, The True North, strong and free; And stand on guard, O Canada, We stand on guard forcontinue reading