Government funny business

Two headlines from my feeds just now: Ten Arrested During Multi-Agency Tobacco Smuggling Operation Mountain Pine Beetle: Canada’s New Government Delivers Hmm. I suppose it’s good that they caught the tobacco-smuggling agencies, but do we really need mountain pine beetles delivered?

Stop the presses

— and hold a spot on page one. Microsoft product leads to crash: Skype: Outage caused by Microsoft update MATT MOORE Associated Press August 20, 2007 FRANKFURT — A two-day outage that left millions of Skype users unable to use the popular Internet phone service was caused by an abnormally high number of restarts aftercontinue reading

Even GPS can’t help

An OPP officer in Grand Bend explains the meaning of “lost” in today’s Globe: “I don’t think we can say where he is, and that’s very problematic in trying to track him down,” said Detective Inspector Dave Cardwell of the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch.

Estonians triumph yet again!

Another win for the Estonian wife-carrying team (Why the Times of India is covering this news, I have no idea.) (I am half-Estonian, for those who don’t know, but I do not wish to be carried unless the carrying involves bearers and fine wine.) The prize is very sensible: The winners received a beer keg,continue reading

Just thought you would like to know…

Below is an actual excerpt from an actual email that I (and many, many others at my firm) got from our “help” desk people recently.  I *almost* feel sorry for them thinking of the scores of irate messages they must have received from partners with well-developed senses of entitlement… It’s very hard to believe, but presumably the peoplecontinue reading


"Mobile calling" ad Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. So here’s a picture of a Rogers Video calling ad which is now in the subway. There’s a picture of a smiling girl on the phone, which is being held in a man’s left hand; in the background is a slightly rumpled bed with nighttime lighting. First therecontinue reading