Did I miss a referendum?

Osgoode is hosting the annual “Public Interest Day” which is sort of a conference and career fair for people with an interest in government and public interest law. According to their web site: “Current students from Canadian Law Schools and McGill are all welcome.”

At least they think the Earth is round

These guys are relatively obscure State legislators, so don’t take it too seriously, but this is pretty funny: Meet our new friend, Georgia State House Rep. Ben Bridges (R), chairman of the retirement committee in the state house. Bridges is now in a bit of trouble for the beans about evolution being the product ofcontinue reading

Probably apocryphal but…

…highly entertaining: Two guys get arrested for creating a public disturbance. Apparently they had planned to rob a grocery store – one of the big chains. The “mastermind” of the two told his flunkie friend to distract the manager by pretending to apply for a job at the store. The flunkie does so, while thecontinue reading