And so it begins

I think we know how this story goes. After months of slower sales and record-high inventory, Toronto’s real estate prices begin their descent: In the City of Toronto the average price declined one per cent to $377,990 from last August’s $381,681. Existing home sales in the city were down 25% year-over-year, which qualifies as “stable”continue reading

The Right School — called Jackman

I hope Toronto Life didn’t pay full freight to Philip Preville, whose cover story “PS, I Love You” (not yet posted online) adorns the magazine’s September “The Right School” issue. Here’s how the story is billed: A handful of schools drive parents into a frenzy of status lust — and they’ll do anything to getcontinue reading

The trouble with eyewitness accounts

..neatly summarized in one paragraph of the Star’s story on the shootings in the Annex: Marc Biginelli, 21, watched events unfold from Bloor St. He said a tall young black man wearing a black T-shirt and baggy jeans came at the group from behind, gun in hand, and that he was “very tense, very aggressive.”continue reading

The scourge of sunlight

I’m with Barry Hertz of the National Post — time for Toronto to calm the fuck down when it comes to heat alerts. He tracked the panic , visiting several cooling centres yesterday — as he puts it, “one of those perfect summer days we could only dream of last winter.” Some highlights of hiscontinue reading

But Brooklin is booming!

Could the communications team at the Toronto Real Estate Board be the worst in the city? Granted, TREB is the lobby group representing realtors, know most for erratic capitalization and repeated punctuation marks. And, OK, it’s hard to put out press release after press release about a deflating market after years of hyperbolic boasting aboutcontinue reading

Real Estate Ad of the Week

From today’s Globe. It seems the identity of the seller is more important than the property — which doesn’t say much for the property. I’d imagine this sales pitch appeals greatly to a specific type of southern Ontario Anglophile, though: BRITISH HEIRESS Due to declining years wishes to sell country estate, 1 hour from Toronto.continue reading

Fraser fantasies

I can’t believe I’m bothering to quarrel with a report from the Fraser Institute, but sometimes it’s just too tempting to resist. The right-wing think tank released a survey yesterday that will be the foundation of its urban policy research agenda, headed up by that champion of cities, former Ontario premier Mike Harris. Among thecontinue reading

And if you like world class cities, go live in one

Ever-wise city councillors vote to kill street life on Bloor. I guess they’re hoping this will transform the exciting line-up of nondescript architecture, inexpensive European chain clothing stores and discounters into Toronto’s own answer to the Magnificent Mile. If you’d rather be able to buy the occasional hot dog, well, perhaps you should just move: Councillorcontinue reading