White elephant

The Danforth Music Hall was the neighbourhood cinema in Riverdale in the heyday of these things, and I’m sure was a busy place through 1945 or so. After the rise of television, the nabes fell into a terminal decline – the Koreatown one shows porn, one of the Annex ones is a very dingy discountcontinue reading

A few short bits

CBC: That’s Col. Rick to you: Mercer gets a military gig “We offered him a Sea King ride and he immediately said, ‘No.’ I thought he was scared to fly in the Sea King, but he’s been in the Sea King on numerous occasions and that’s not the case. He said, ‘No, no, I wantcontinue reading

Visions of subways

It’s clear that Toronto needs more transit infrastructure–the Yonge line is overcrowded at rush hour, getting crosstown at the latitude of King and Queen St. is a major hassle, the Spadina LRT doesn’t quite work the way it’s supposed to, etc. Hence a proposal for new subways: What I have in mind is a combinationcontinue reading