Ads, they understand. Bike racks, not so much.

The “street furniture” proposals are on display. One of the Spacing folks helpfully broke the PDFs into images for easier viewing. (He’s not making the images CC licensed, though [oddly] so no direct links.) All the bike racks suck. They’re either flimsy-looking, impossible to lock to safely (locking both frame and at least one wheel,continue reading intersection

Today’s has me totally stumped. It’s a signalled intersection on a fairly wide street, with some sort of dead end or curve the better part of a mile away.

Via Oliveto

… has closed. I remember the last time we went there was after their big makeover. The place looked nice but the food seemed to have slipped a notch or two, and we didn’t go back. In other news, it looks like the City is installing traffic lights at Bloor and Walmer. Which brings ancontinue reading

King streetcar plan

So what do we think of this? Diagram is here (.pdf). I’ve found myself using the King car quite a lot, and it really needs some help getting through downtown. You’d think that 45,000 bums on seats every day buys a certain amount of moral leverage. When it moves well, it’s an excellent system, butcontinue reading


Hydro seeks rate hike citing lost revenue as consumers cut usage The popularity of energy conservation programs is hurting Toronto Hydro’s bottom line and the utility is now seeking to raise electricity rates as a result. Update: AND Advisory aims to allay fluorescent bulb fears Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority will issue a warning later thiscontinue reading

“West Annex”?

The Star is running this article about the cheapest detached house on the MLS right now. It’s described as being in the “West Annex”. Turns out it’s on Dufferin. As in two full subway stops — several km — west of Christie Pits, which nobody in the reality-based community would even call the West Annex.continue reading

Finch, Eglinton LRTs in the works

The TTC is apparently about to announce a light rail plan for Finch and Eglinton Avenues. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. I am still not really convinced, based on the Spadina LRT experience, that LRTs as currently conceived are going to be a major improvement on ordinary bus andcontinue reading

The good news: complaints are down!

Customer complaints at Pearson airport go untracked Passengers from across the country with unresolved complaints used to be able to lodge them with the Air Travel Complaints Commissioner, a position created in 2000 to document problems. But that job is sitting vacant. The last complaint report covered incidents in 2004. … To make matters worse,continue reading

Name that intersection

This seems to be a regular feature on guessing an intersection from an early 20th-C photo. The best ones are challenging, but have enough clues to solve the mystery. Older ones here and here. They have a better setup this time around, in which you can’t see other people’s responses until the comments expire.continue reading