I love Toronto, pt. 4835

I love this. After 48 hours of constant Tamil protests, in this TPS release we still have carefully neutral language, gentle concern for safety, “the co-operation of most of the protestors”, and a metaphorical shrugging of shoulders about the inevitable traffic tie-ups. I didn’t check this morning to see if anyone was petting the horses,continue reading

Cellphones vs. Trucks

A question I’m pulling out of a comment on another post, from Return of the Bees: — Here’s the Highway Traffic Act: Pedestrian right of way (28) Every pedestrian who lawfully enters a roadway in order to cross may continue the crossing as quickly as reasonably possible despite a change in the indication he orcontinue reading

Toronto real estate gets real

Local real estate agents have assured would-be sellers that the real estate market will pick up in the spring, and judging by the number of new listings on MLS, many gullible (and/or cash-strapped) homeowners are taking them at their word. Guava.ca tracks the actual reduction in listing prices in Toronto (for single-family houses only) bycontinue reading

When localization fails

I got a little excited when I saw this month’s Atlantic Monthly on the newsstand. “The suburbs lose. The sun belt fades. Toronto wins. How the crash will reshape America,” touts the cover over a nighttime shot of Toronto seen from the lake. A little strange, granted, since Toronto is in Canada and there iscontinue reading

Spinning for the city he disdains

Goodbye, so long, and enjoy your visit to the dark side. Yes, putting us all out of the misery of his whiny, self-referential, tiresomely negative screeds in Toronto Life and elsewhere is Philip Preville as (according to newsletter Inside Queen’s Park, not online) he takes on the role of Director of Public Affairs at thecontinue reading

We do love the weather news

Now, not only can you watch live coverage on CP24 and the Weather Network, check out radar maps on Environment Canada’s website, and look outside your window, but you can also follow the storm through a live blog on the National Post website…

Forward, Toronto!

Move bravely into the last two decades of the last century! One small step for the TTC is likely just that — one small step. But it’s nice to see anyway! And who knows what one-off goody 2009 may bring…

Jane Jacobs Reference Library?

Adam Vaughan and Spacing want to name the Toronto Reference Library after Jane Jacobs. On one hand I think it’s a great idea; on the other I wonder if Jacobs herself would’ve liked it or whether (with her deep distrust of credentials and her belief in natural systems) she’d prefer something a little …wilder.

Good timing

Feeling poorer after checking your accounts online? Wondering how the five dog grooming businesses in your neighbourhood will fare during the recession? Well, here’s something else that will make you an adherent of the new austerity: the updated property assessments for 2008 will be mailed to old City of Toronto addresses the week of Octobercontinue reading