Does he know something we don’t?

From a Star story on tonight’s Tamil protest. Emphasis added: Dave Crowell, a Grade 8 teacher with his class on a field trip from Saskatchewan to study citizenship and immigration, explained to his class the right to protest. “At the moment we live in a democracy,” he said he told them. “This is a peacefulcontinue reading

Twitter and the Tamils

As the Tamil blockade of the Gardiner continued on Sunday night, Twitterers reacted to Bill Blair’s warning that the expressway could possibly still be closed the following morning. For a good approximation of the dominant fear-mongering, largely xenophobic tone of messages posted, see Christie Blatchford in today’s Globe. Here’s a lazier example: No kidding. I’mcontinue reading

Get me rewrite!

Did the 80 layoffs at the Globe include all the copy editors? From Joanne Kates’ review of Globe Bistro this morning: Despite evidence to the contrary, some people are afraid of eating pork. Come again?

Boy takes bus, story at 11

Whose nephew is little Gabriel Blake, the four-year-old who is the focus of an inexplicable top-of-page article in the Saturday Globe? There must be some reason so many words are dedicated to the story of a little boy who went missing for a total of — count ’em — two hours. Not to ruin thecontinue reading

Hell, meet handbasket

While the recession has hit home for me of late, it’s still hard to tell how bad things are out there. It’s especially hard to read if, like many others, you are avoiding shopping quite as much as you usually do: this means you miss the note of desperation in the continued discounting, the salescontinue reading

The Men Who Rule the World

All right, it’s not every day I link to a blog promoting conspiracy theories, but this one has a Canadian angle — and some connection to reality. There has been a plethora of articles in recent months about the close ties between Goldman Sachs and the past and current presidential administrations, AIG, etc. And it’scontinue reading

Beyond the single Pale

I can only imagine what Richard Florida thinks single life consists of, given that the top two Canadian cities he considers best for us to live in are 1. Calgary and 2. — wait for it — Iqaluit. That’s right, Iqaluit, population 7,250. That’s not a city, that’s CityPlace. I could barely make it throughcontinue reading