Cellphones vs. Trucks

A question I’m pulling out of a comment on another post, from Return of the Bees: — Here’s the Highway Traffic Act: Pedestrian right of way (28) Every pedestrian who lawfully enters a roadway in order to cross may continue the crossing as quickly as reasonably possible despite a change in the indication he orcontinue reading

Your brain likes to let your financial advisor do the thinking

N of only 24 on this study, but very interesting stuff: Expert Financial Advice Neurobiologically “Offloads” Financial Decision-Making under Risk A simple financial decision-making task involving risk was employed in the current study to investigate the behavioral and neural mechanisms by which financial advice, provided by an expert economist, affected decisions under risk. Behavioral resultscontinue reading

All hail the BBC

For morning news, the BBC podcast wins, hands down. Yesterday in an interview about bailouts, an interviewee’s comment on bankers: …put on airs and graces not justified by talent or industry Ouch! Beat that, Globe and Mail, source of the morning’s most blathery podcasts…

Even a boomer is impatient with the boomers

From an interview with Clay Shirky in CJR: CS: I mean, really, I’m just so impatient with the argument that the world should be slowed down to help people who aren’t smart enough to understand what’s going on. It’s in part because I grew up in a generation that benefited enormously from not doing that.continue reading

A deconstruction after my own heart

Courtesy of McSweeney’s — CRITIQUE OF YOUR POWERPOINT PRESENTATION TITLED “SALES FORECAST, THIRD QUARTER.” Another highlight was your complete rejection of Tuftean convention through the use of colors without meaning, location without purpose, and position without movement. How daring it was to represent the quarterly shortfalls in revenue with the color purple—the color associated notcontinue reading

Upgrade time

Oddness may ensue for the next ten minutes or so. Go make some tea. edit — all done! Writers, you’ll notice the back end looks different. Look for the New Post button in the top menu bar.

Jane Jacobs Reference Library?

Adam Vaughan and Spacing want to name the Toronto Reference Library after Jane Jacobs. On one hand I think it’s a great idea; on the other I wonder if Jacobs herself would’ve liked it or whether (with her deep distrust of credentials and her belief in natural systems) she’d prefer something a little …wilder.

For external use only

Do not eat your ballot (because you’re voting today, right? RIGHT?). It’s illegal. I’m amused that a ballot-eating question made it into the FAQ. Just how F is that Q A’d, anyway? Polls are open until 9:30 (EDT). Elections Canada will assist with ballot-eating, ride-bribing, prison-sentence-serving and all other questions.