News from the Left Coast

Rob’s stepfather Percy died several days ago, age 91. So Rob will be in town Wednesday to Monday, staying with and taking care of his mom at her house and helping clear things up and the like — generally not available for things sociable. The memorial event is on Saturday, I think. Those of youcontinue reading


I added feeds from our other blogs to the sidebar at right, by the easy cheat method of running them through Google Reader first. Neat! It shows the last 10 posts on our other blogs, elsewhere. …Unless your blog doesn’t have a detectable RSS (Techboy, LongerThanTheHighway), in which case please let me know where thecontinue reading

Nail Gaiman interview on Rain Taxi

A couple of fun excerpts from this interview: NG: I’d love to write some porn, but I don’t know if I have the right engines. When I was a young man and I was tempted to write porn, imaginary parents would appear over my shoulder and read what I was writing; just about the pointcontinue reading