“Love potion!” M — obviously absorbing more Harry Potter than is apparent at bedtime — exclaimed when she saw the display of XOXO (warning: much mauve, much Flash) Merlot/Cab at the LCBO. “XOXO means kiss hug kiss hug!” It came with a bonus package of icky little chocolates, too, so we eventually caved in andcontinue reading

Fraser Institute schools report

This may be the only time I ever say something nice about the Fraser Institute, but this report they’ve done with nifty summaries of each Ontario school’s test results from the past five years is much more useful than anything else I’ve seen. Except for the final rating out of 10, it’s just straight reportingcontinue reading

A groundhoggy poem

There was no shadow on the ground Which means that spring will come around. Flowers will bloom and life will begin The waters will warm then we can jump in. (more here, if you’re feeling masochistic) Three out of three groundhogs agree: it’ll be an early spring.

Things fall apart, part 2

Massage chairs recalled after fires TOKYO, Jan 31 (Reuters Life!) – Japan’s Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. said on Wednesday it would recall thousands of massage chairs for free tests and repairs, saying the chairs could catch fire. Definitely less relaxing than intended.

A few short bits

CBC: That’s Col. Rick to you: Mercer gets a military gig “We offered him a Sea King ride and he immediately said, ‘No.’ I thought he was scared to fly in the Sea King, but he’s been in the Sea King on numerous occasions and that’s not the case. He said, ‘No, no, I wantcontinue reading

Oh boy, satellite colonoscopy feed!

From my newsfeed inbox this morning: Transmitted by CNW Group on : January 23, 2007 09:00 Video B-Roll Via Satellite – McGuinty Government to Make Important Investment in Cancer Screening TORONTO, Jan. 23 /CNW/ – The following B-Roll is available at the listed times and co-ordinates: Live Satellite Coordinates: DATE OF FEED: Tuesday, January 23,continue reading

Driven to Quit

Driven to Quit, for the uninitiated, is a provincial contest for which the prize if you quit smoking is that you get to enter a draw for a car and some TVs. It’s always struck me as all wrong, so I blogged it as politely as I could manage for work. Comments here or therecontinue reading