Hydro seeks rate hike citing lost revenue as consumers cut usage The popularity of energy conservation programs is hurting Toronto Hydro’s bottom line and the utility is now seeking to raise electricity rates as a result. Update: AND Advisory aims to allay fluorescent bulb fears Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority will issue a warning later thiscontinue reading

“West Annex”?

The Star is running this article about the cheapest detached house on the MLS right now. It’s described as being in the “West Annex”. Turns out it’s on Dufferin. As in two full subway stops — several km — west of Christie Pits, which nobody in the reality-based community would even call the West Annex.continue reading

The good news: complaints are down!

Customer complaints at Pearson airport go untracked Passengers from across the country with unresolved complaints used to be able to lodge them with the Air Travel Complaints Commissioner, a position created in 2000 to document problems. But that job is sitting vacant. The last complaint report covered incidents in 2004. … To make matters worse,continue reading

Rave, meet Bath

Courtesy of ParentHacks (which is a pretty fun site): Toss a couple of glow sticks in the tub, and turn off the lights. Voila, a multicolored glow-in-the-dark bath! What a blast. And glowsticks are only about $0.99 now so it’s cheap fun for little kids. But gee, you think the guy who thought that upcontinue reading

Name & shame?

QUEEN’S PARK – Three individuals who had defaulted on their court-ordered child support payments have been found thanks to the McGuinty government’s new website, Minister of Community and Social Services Madeleine Meilleur announced today. “After one week of operation, has been a huge success with over 10 million hits,” said Meilleur. “Thanks tocontinue reading

Thoughts on site design?

So now that everyone’s used to this site, we should think about design. I kind of randomly chose this theme (design) because hey, it was green and more-or-less friendly in IE. There are hundreds more out there, though. What do you like/dislike/want to see/etc.?

M in her red sweatshirt

Maddy in her red sweatshirt (a little blurry) Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. (For Michael!) It’s a bit blurry, as I was trying to take pictures of a fast-moving Kingergarten Dragon Parade (for Chinese New Year) today. It was, as promised, “very noisy!”