A fizzy that’s good in the heat

We recently picked up a bottle of Allimant-Laugner Crémant d’Alsace Brut (Vintages 30593, $19.95), since we’re fond of cracking open a bottle of fizzy for random celebratory occasions such as Tuesdays, and we’ve long since run out of the Crémant d’Alsace we buy from Opimian. Very fresh, lots and lots and LOTS of green applecontinue reading

Magnetic helmets!

Magnets may offer a way to boost mental performance, US research suggests. No, they don’t fend off aliens and the CIA. Well, perhaps they do — who knows?

Gin and proportion

One for the martini folks “For myself, I learned all I needed to know about the rules of proportion from the dry martini. (The addition of an onion turns this martini into a Gibson. Cocktail titles proliferate like ranks in the Ruritarian army.) The law is: main ingredient (gin), subordinate ingredient (vermouth), and grace notecontinue reading


"Mobile calling" ad Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. So here’s a picture of a Rogers Video calling ad which is now in the subway. There’s a picture of a smiling girl on the phone, which is being held in a man’s left hand; in the background is a slightly rumpled bed with nighttime lighting. First therecontinue reading

Ads, they understand. Bike racks, not so much.

The “street furniture” proposals are on display. One of the Spacing folks helpfully broke the PDFs into images for easier viewing. (He’s not making the images CC licensed, though [oddly] so no direct links.) All the bike racks suck. They’re either flimsy-looking, impossible to lock to safely (locking both frame and at least one wheel,continue reading