Oh ouch

Quotation of the Day for October 9, 2008 “They were waiting for a translation from the original Australian.” – Bob Rae, Liberal Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre, jokingly explaining why the governing Conservative Party took so long to release their federal election campaign platform. He was referring to a scandal earlier in the campaigncontinue reading

Upgrade time

Things may be a little strange for the next few minutes. Blog-wise, I mean. I’m sure things are strange in other ways too but I’m not taking responsibility for strangeness beyond the blog. edit — all done!

The chocolate and the cluelessness

Couple arrested for carrying raw chocolate “We have a lot of exotic stuff,” she said. They had also packed some raw, organic chocolate – made of unrefined, unprocessed cacao, maca root, hemp seeds and goji berries. “At first the (customs officials) said, ‘Oh, you guys are just holistic.’ Then the dogs came.” The animals wentcontinue reading

Ben Kerr

This is old news but I just re-discovered it while cleaning out my RSS — Ben Kerr gets a laneway: On Sunday May 25, at 1 pm, the City of Toronto and the Chatham West Residents’ Association will name a local laneway that runs parallel to Danforth and Chatham, east of Jones Avenue. Kerr livedcontinue reading

Big whoop

…is among the words new to the OED this month. A colourful and ironic expression of dismissiveness in the face of the unimpressive or ordinary, this North American colloquialism reverses the expectations one might have on first meeting the term, of unnecessary hyperbole and excessive celebration. How I love the OED.

Anti-doping: the comic

Courtesy of UNESCO: Since Monday 4 August, visitors can find, every week, the latest instalment of an adventure featuring Rattus Holmes and Felis Watson, detective heroes of a comic strip against doping in sport, published by UNESCO in partnership with EDGE G3 Ltd. Entitled “The Case of the Spoilsports”, this comic strip (in English, Spanishcontinue reading