I love the Criminal Code, pt. n+1

From today’s majors: Gary Lynch, 45, of Toronto, is charged with: 1) Prowling by Night, (prowling on the property of another person near a dwelling-house) 2) Attempt Break and Enter, 3) Mischief under $5,000. Prowling by Night! What a most excellent charge. I do still regret the lack of Grand Mischief as a charge, however.

In today’s news —

A piglet scared of wallowing in mud has overcome its fears with the help of some Wellington boots. ROME (Reuters) – An Italian couple who were caught having sex in a church confessional box while morning Mass was being said have repented and made peace with the local bishop. Some days my media scan iscontinue reading

Better to buy your Prozac from Finland

McAfee looked (PDF) at which top-level Internet domains (TLDs) are most likely to contain sites that are “dangerous” in one way or another — viruses, fraud, etc. To anyone who administers email spam filters or web servers, it will come as no surprise that .hk (Hong Kong), .cn (China), .info, .ro (Romania) and .ru (Russia)continue reading


The whole fuss about BPA in water bottles and baby bottles is making me crazy. First, there is no good science that shows any deleterious effects in humans at normal levels of BPA consumption. Second, it’s pretty hard to make polycarbonate water bottles (or baby bottles, for that matter) leach much BPA. Hard plastics likecontinue reading

There are worse criteria for spousal selection

From an interview with Jeff Bezos: Portfolio: Are you always extremely methodical about major decisions? Bezos: With business decisions, yes. With personal decisions, I find that my methodical nature can confuse me, and so I think more about personal decisions, like what job you really want to take or whom you want to marry. Althoughcontinue reading

Upgrade time!

Bloggity oddness may occur for the next twenty minutes or so. I’ll post again when it’s all over. Edit: All done. Those of you who write will notice some difference in the back end when you log in. Note particularly that the categories are now BELOW the post box, not beside it.

LCBO experiments

I had M. with me when wine shopping on the weekend, so we ended up with a case full of mostly sub-$13 experiments. (Yay, strong Canadian dollar!) So far: Willm Riesling Reserve, France, Vintages, $15.85: all petrol and varnish on the nose. Tastes a bit thin. Won’t buy again at that price, but those fondcontinue reading