A little knowledge…

Spouse Paul drew this article by Michael Pollan in the New York Times to my attention yesterday: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/magazine/28nutritionism.t.html?_r=1&oref=slogin It’s a very lengthy, though well-written, essay on food, food labeling, nutrition, and the growing difficulty the average consumer has in wading through the trappings of “nutritionism” in search of a healthy diet. I like his bottomcontinue reading

I don’t mind sorting, but…

…this is a real PITA. I count myself as one of the more anal-retentively environmentally friendly person I know. I derive secret pleasure from sorting my recyclables. I use flushable cat litter. I reuse paper towels and plastic wrap whenever I can. And I don’t mind returning empty bottles for recycling, deposit or no deposit.continue reading


I’ve been meaning to blog about an interesting Charter case that went to the Supreme Court a few years ago, Dunmore v. Ontario, which challenged the exclusion of agricultural workers from the Ontario Labour Relations Act. Until the NDP came to power in the early 1990s, agricultural workers had essentially been excluded from the scopecontinue reading

Italian Primitivo

We had a good Primitivo with dinner tonight–2003 A Mano Primitivo Reserve, 14% alc./vol., good value at $15.95. Basically a dark-cherry-based nose with some kind of earthy-spicy-iodiney (?) thing going to keep it interesting. Dry, medium-full body, a bit of a acid and tannin, decent balance and finish. Very versatile, you could drink it oncontinue reading

Pass the pistachios

Here’s a link to a fun table of all the American Food Holidays during the year. Some dates for the calendar: Drink Wine Day (February 18) National Chocolate Eclair Day (June 22) Cook Something Bold And Pungent Day (November 9) However, I’m willing to bet that no one’s birthday sucks as much as mine. Unless,continue reading

White elephant

The Danforth Music Hall was the neighbourhood cinema in Riverdale in the heyday of these things, and I’m sure was a busy place through 1945 or so. After the rise of television, the nabes fell into a terminal decline – the Koreatown one shows porn, one of the Annex ones is a very dingy discountcontinue reading

Did I mention –

– that that gardenimport.com is one of the few plant retailers that gets e-commerce? I think I have. My credit card bill certainly shows it. They’ve waited until the first really bitterly cold winter day to launch their spring product list – dangerous, dangerous people.

Why we don’t have…

… minimum sentences. I’m not sure offhand what the substantive law on this in Canada is, but even apart from the sentence it’s not nearly as weird as this.