The Winnipeg skyline, seen from the city’s Arlington St. bridge, is shrouded in steam at sunrise yesterday as southern Manitoba awoke to a second straight day of extreme cold. Temperatures plummeted to record lows earlier this week in six communities – including -40.6C in Gimli and -41.9C in Fisher Branch – and Winnipeg endured itscontinue reading

Kicking off Thoughtless Headline Week

Some slow to comply with bottle deposit program  A day after the province launched its new LCBO bottle recycling program, it appears some homeowners are slow to adjust to the initiative.  Hmmm… one day… slow to adjust? These aren’t even bottles that a deposit has been paid on, unless these households have a verycontinue reading

You can run, but you can’t hide

Suburban couple wastes some energy by pre-heating car in driveway, oddly leaving toddler strapped in car seat in not-yet-toasty minivan: She was gone a mere 10 seconds, she says, but when she stepped outside the van was backing out of the driveway, with her blond, blue-eyed toddler inside. (All the more poignant somehow when it’scontinue reading

Broiling in Cupertino

Wow, it has been so cold here this winter (10 C) but today, it hit 20! The plums are blooming. I was going to compose a dis’ haiku but thought that that would be cruel.

Wanted: good photo-management web site software

Having returned from vacation with a ginormous collection of beautiful photographs, I’m once again confronted by the out-of-date complex nonsense that is the photo album software on my web site, “powered by Slooze”.  (The name kinda says it all.)  The effort required to tag and resize my images, upload them to the site, and loadcontinue reading

Happy, Summer-y, but $16?

Vintages was really pushing this wine last summer–Willm Reserve Riesling 2004, AOC Alsace, 12% at $15.95. We uncorked it to serve with a homemade Korean Jap Chae noodle dish (which worked out very well, better than it usually does when we try to cook Asian noodles). It ‘s a happy summer-y wine, honey-citrus-mineral on thecontinue reading

Interesting blog

Osgoode Hall at York U. has put together an interesting blog of commentary on SCC decisions. And I can’t resist linking to this post.

A groundhoggy poem

There was no shadow on the ground Which means that spring will come around. Flowers will bloom and life will begin The waters will warm then we can jump in. (more here, if you’re feeling masochistic) Three out of three groundhogs agree: it’ll be an early spring.