Wake up and smell the listeria

Finally, someone says it: the handling of the listeria outbreak has been abysmal. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with the sluggish public health response of a less educated, far less blessed nation. 16 people have died during the outbreak, and not one of the public officials or government members responsiblecontinue reading

Is there any other kind?

Sigh… New Brunswick Liberal Premier Shawn Graham voiced his vocal support for federal Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and the Green Shift today at a campaign stop in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Trust no one, part 2

Best of luck to Brent Fullard, founder of the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors, who has worked tirelessly to keep the income trust decision in the spotlight for the last two years and who will now put his considerable energy, research, and knack for self-promotion into taking down Jim Flaherty in his new capacitycontinue reading

It’s getting hot in here

Can you feel it? Canada job market rebounds as election fever hits The headline almost implies there is some connection between the two. Given the election rumours started at the end of August, the month figures were reported for this morning, I’m not seeing it…

Anti-doping: the comic

Courtesy of UNESCO: Since Monday 4 August, visitors can find, every week, the latest instalment of an adventure featuring Rattus Holmes and Felis Watson, detective heroes of a comic strip against doping in sport, published by UNESCO in partnership with EDGE G3 Ltd. Entitled “The Case of the Spoilsports”, this comic strip (in English, Spanishcontinue reading

Punching a bear in the nose

The BBC has an excellent and balanced analysis of the Russia-Georgia conflict to date, raising many of the issues inherent in the situation. Here’s one worth some reflection, especially if you want to put odds on the next trouble spot: 8. Are borders in Europe to be sacrosanct for ever? It has been one ofcontinue reading