The blame game gets more interesting

Come October, the Toronto Real Estate Board will have a new bogeyman to blame for sliding sales: the federal government. The government is reining in mortgages, at least the insured ones it guarantees, scrapping the 40-year amortization period in favour of a maximum of 35 years, requiring a minimum credit score and downpayment and imposingcontinue reading

I love the Criminal Code, pt. n+1

From today’s majors: Gary Lynch, 45, of Toronto, is charged with: 1) Prowling by Night, (prowling on the property of another person near a dwelling-house) 2) Attempt Break and Enter, 3) Mischief under $5,000. Prowling by Night! What a most excellent charge. I do still regret the lack of Grand Mischief as a charge, however.

In today’s news —

A piglet scared of wallowing in mud has overcome its fears with the help of some Wellington boots. ROME (Reuters) – An Italian couple who were caught having sex in a church confessional box while morning Mass was being said have repented and made peace with the local bishop. Some days my media scan iscontinue reading


The whole fuss about BPA in water bottles and baby bottles is making me crazy. First, there is no good science that shows any deleterious effects in humans at normal levels of BPA consumption. Second, it’s pretty hard to make polycarbonate water bottles (or baby bottles, for that matter) leach much BPA. Hard plastics likecontinue reading

Blame Saskatchewan

Ran across this interesting little tidbit from the April 19 Wall Street Journal: WASHINGTON — The Bush administration has given up its push for an international ban on sales of uranium-enrichment technology to nonnuclear states, a move that will complicate its nuclear diplomacy toward both Iran and India, and could open the way for acontinue reading

On the bright side …

Afghanistan’s opium crop is forecast to fall by up to a half this year after 2007’s record harvest, counter-narcotics officials in Kabul said, as evidence emerged that some poppy farmers are switching to legal crops because of rising food prices. “Anecdotally, a lot of farmers have calculated that, with wheat prices being what they are,continue reading

Deciphering the headlines

For “Indignation grows over police story” (print headline in today’s paper), read “The Globe finally got its private briefing with an anonymous Conservative official”: A senior Conservative official says the raid on Tory party headquarters last week was “over the top,” with flak-jacket-clad RCMP officers storming in and copying everything from payroll information to thecontinue reading